Creating Blooms for the Blooms Family!

So if you haven't already caught on, Devika (Vanita's daughter and also Creative Assistant) recently got married. Vanita was super excited about creating Blooms for her daughters wedding and we thought we would give you a low down. 
Devika actually picked the garland colours herself, which is what all our brides do. She wanted to pick up on the peach and pink details on her outfit but also incorporate a red to tie in the colours Raj and Devika were both wearing. Maroon was also an option however she wanted the garlands to be bright rather than dark as it was an outdoor summer wedding at Hagley Hall
The design of the garlands is a new one put together by Vanita which is an upgrade of the Premier Luxe design which is one of our best sellers. She incoporated beads or various sizes and also gota's. The garlands were spritzed with Jo Malone London Red Roses and Peony Blush and Suede.
For Devika's Hair Blooms she wore our Premier Luxe Jasmine Gajra beautifully styled by Aamir Naveed. Devika wanted to keep it traditional but wanted to stay away from fresh jasmine (which we have thought about stocking but always change our mind) due to it turning brown through the day. These were spritzed with Jo Malone London Jasmine Sambac and Marigold.

Vanita also made a seperate Garland for the groom for his arrival. According to Hindu Gujrati Tradition, the Groom is given a garland by his sisters before he leaves home and reaches the venue. Obviously Raj had to have a Blooms Garland too. This time Devika picked maroon as the dominant colour to match Raj's shawl and a sunset orange to create a contrast. 
We weren't entirely sure on which Blooms we wanted to wear so we decided to take everything we had with us to Hagley Hall. On the day Vanita opted for the classic Rose Blooms in Red to pick up on the red embroidery in the outfit. Sometimes its so easy just to want to match all your accessories to your outfit colour, but we find that choosing a contrast colour creates a lovely finish.
Myself and Vidya had very simple styles in our hair and opted for single hair pins on the day. Neither of us like making a huge fuss over our hair and definitely didn't want to over do it. I chose peach roses, where as Vidya went for pastel pink roses. 
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Here are a few more favourites from the Day! If you would like to read more about the indian wedding and our suppliers click here.
Hope you enjoy!
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Grooms Outfit Telon
Blooms Family Hair Marlena
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