Blooms Sandal Jewellery

Beautiful Faux Sandal Jewellery perfect for your Haldi Ceremony or Mehndi Party.

Made from faux jasmine blooms. 

Please specify your shoe size in the notes section when placing your order.

Blooms Sandal Jewellery

Regular price £30

Please let us know the accurate date of your wedding, as giving a misleading date can result in your order being refunded due to being fully booked for that time period. During peak wedding season you will receive your Blooms a week or more before the wedding. We have never delivered late for a wedding and never will! Please place orders 2 months prior to your wedding day as a minimum, and refer to checkout for more information on shipping.

Please attach any images of your colour scheme and outfit. Pinterest colour palletes are best for us to use to match up to what you would like to have.